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Her misfortune was her connection to her fellow countryman Leadbeater, which proved stronger than her drive for spiritual independence and truth. Yet they had been corresponding regularly all the time Leadbeater was away from England, and the subject had never been mentioned. By the end of , the International Sections voted for Leadbeater's readmission. Even the Masters and the Occult Hierarchy, complete with charts of duties and responsibilities, follow the model of the society which he knew and held to be the best. It would be too much of a coincidence if Leadbeater chose a year that just happened to coincide with the year of Mrs Besant's birth.

Leadbeater, C. W.

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Jinarajadasa relates how Leadbeater had already done some occult investigations but how in May he did his first past-life reading. His inflexible Victorian character could not allow him to appreciate its subjective origins. The third objective, investigating the unexplained laws of nature and the physical powers latent in man, was one in which she would need guidance. The intervention of a family friend allowed the young man to be ordained an Anglican minister, and he became the curate of a small parish in Hampshire, at Bramshott. As indicated, Leadbeater returned to Adyar in

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During , Leadbeater conducted further research into the akashic records which he said he clairvoyantly inspected at the Theosophical Society headquarters in Adyar. Mrs Besant replied by letter on May 17th. As to the identity of the organization, if indeed it did exist, no clues were given. Twice a week is permissible, but you will soon discover what brings the best effect. The differences between schools of tantra, and the theory behind them was generally ignored, or misunderstood by the Theosophical critics. The mind has the power to create "thought forms", and it can then "see" the things that it has created. Articles by and about C.
By the accounts of virtually all who knew him, Charles Webster Leadbeater was a formidable figure. His writings on the sacraments and Christian esotericism remain popular to this day, with a constant stream of new editions and translations of his opus magnum 'The Science of the Sacraments'. Gardner hinted at "certain teachings by CWL himself clean but ignorant " which had produced "disastrous effects", and sought de Zirkoff's advice as to whether "H. He fantasized carelessly and his words came true. Krishnamurti, now called Alcyone, has no other credentials than his master's injunctions and Mrs. A subject on the edge of the scientific in which Leadbeater had a passing interest was the analysis of dreams. Mrs Besant's sudden, and never explained, change of attitude, and her refusal to give him the support he had come to expect of her, was a serious blow to Leadbeater.

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